Current project

Branding, visual design, app design, UX-design.

Enerfy Town Illustration
Brand design
App design

FIA Smart Driving Challenge

Art Direction - Visual Design - UI - UX

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is a worldwide competition that rewards smart, safe and environmentally-friendly driving. Equipped with a smartphone app connected to a digital platform, regular motorists compete with coaching of professional drivers using their regular car in becoming the world’s smartest driver.

Business card design
App interface design
Web design

PAVE Student Challenge - Concept design for West Marine

Retail design concept for West Marine's rigging service, exhibited at GlobalShop 2015 in Las Vegas. A rotating fixture for line-spools and a mini counter with display possibilities for merchandise and Ipad holder. The floor is made out of reclaimed wood from Santa Monica Pier.

In collaboration with PAVE, FIDM, West Marine and Reeve Store Equipment. Products: West Marine. Manufacturer: Reeve Store Equipment. Co-designer: Vanessa Ghaffari

<b>Moodboard.</b> Inspiration: Tranquility
<b>Fixture Design.</b>
From sketch to render
<b>Rope art</b> 
Hand made with love (for ropes)
For a hands-on feeling
<b>Merchandise fixture.</b> For displaying pretty products
<b>Finished Fixture
                                                                                                       . </b>Manifactured by Reeve
A boy surrounded by beautiful nature
Quiet day at the beach. Cold, but beautiful
Canoeing again
Canoeing again

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